ClickFunnels vs GoHighLevel

For years, ClickFunnels has been an invaluable tool to entrepreneurs and agency owners alike.

However, expensive subscriptions, glitchy software and the availability of other funnel builders has led many to consider other options such as Go HighLevel.

In this article, we’ll examine each builder, its features, and which you should choose as an entrepreneur and agency owner.Then change text here


Let’s look at what ClickFunnels offers:

  • Funnels (obviously)
  • More specifically: webinar funnels, membership funnels, and opt-in funnels
  • Email integration/ marketing


Meanwhile, Go HighLevel offers:

  • Funnels
  • CRM & Pipeline Management
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Website building
  • Appointment Making
  • Membership funnels and course building

At first glance, Go HighLevel beats ClickFunnels hands down.

Which is a better funnel builder?

Of course, the danger of any tool or software offering so much functionality is that it runs the risk of being OK at several things but not very good at one.

So specifically, in the case of ClickFunnels vs Go HighLevel, we’ll be addressing ClickFunnels greatest strength – and potentially Go HighLevel’s greatest weakness: funnel building.

As you can see by the two screenshots above (Top: ClickFunnels, Bottom: Go HighLevel) there is very little difference in the funnel building facilities of either platform.

In fact, it appears that Go HighLevel have modelled much of their funnel building capabilities on ClickFunnels (this is further highlighted by an option that Go HighLevel gives you to import funnels directly from ClickFunnels.

And just like ClickFunnels, Go HighLevel offers a massive library of templates, and the ability to share entire funnels.

So it appears that ClickFunnels and Go HighLevel’s funnel building abilities are at least evenly matched.

However, it’s important to note that if you’re not a big fan of ClickFunnels functionality, you might struggle to get on with Go HighLevel too.

Which is more expensive?

Although both ClickFunnels and Go HighLevel offer different entry points, we’re going to focus on the most popular subscription levels:

  • ClickFunnels Standard – $97/month
  • Go HighLevel Agency Starter Account – $97/month

(It’s no surprise Go HighLevel’s pricing structure is so similar to ClickFunnels, much of the platform seems to have been at least inspired by their functionality.)

With no difference in pricing, there’s little to incentivize anyone from switching from ClickFunnels to Go HighLevel – especially if they are used to ClickFunnels.

However, remember Go HighLevel isn’t just about funnel building, it also offers a swathe of functionality similar to PipeDrive, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Wix, Calendly, Teachable and more – so this isn’t exactly a fair comparison.

In fact, Go HighLevel has created this chart which neatly illustrates the potential savings offered by the platform.

It’s unlikely most agency owners or entrepreneurs would use all the listed software but even switching from ClickFunnels, Calendly, and MailChimp to Go HighLevel would represent a saving of at least $120 a month.

Which is better for agency owners?

This is where Go HighLevel shines.

In fact, whilst Go HighLevel mostly represents a cheaper email marketing and funnel building system for entrepreneurs, for agency owners, it’s a revelation.

Go HighLevel doesn’t just offer a comprehensive CRM system but also reporting, an ability to ‘brand’ your portal with your agency with client-side functionality, as well as a comprehensive white-labeling system including content creation and Facebook advertising.

Our verdict

In our honest opinion, Go HighLevel presents not just a much better value for money than ClickFunnels but also much more functionality.

We recommend you ditch the outdated ClickFunnels, and make the switch to Go HighLevel.

Start your free trial here.

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Checked by a Go HighLevel Expert.