Is Go HighLevel a Good CRM?

Go HighLevel has become the go-to software for agency owners looking for most cost-effective and functional funnel builders than the likes of ClickFunnels. 

However, Go HighLevel is primarily a CRM system. 

In this post, we examine whether Go HighLevel’s CRM capabilities live up to the industry standard.


Go HighLevel is a great CRM that:

  • Offers all the features of traditional CRMs like Salesforce, allowing you to create opportunities, monitor communication etc.
  • Integrates with your existing communication methods (G-Workplace etc.)
  • Allows you to use its native features to capture details, set appointments and nurture leads


  • It’s more expensive than CRM-only systems like SalesForce (per user)
  • But still offers extraordinary value when you consider its capabilities

Which CRM functions does Go HighLevel Offer?

Go HighLevel offers a full end-to-end CRM system and pipeline management allowing you to capture leads, track appointments, and even sign contracts and take payment through a single platform.

With similar functionality to more traditional CRM offerings, it’s possible to classify opportunities and assign values to individual accounts.

The platform is sleek to use with an immediate overview of your opportunities, pipelines and an ability to switch between accounts. 

Communication is also streamlined with emails, messages and the Facebook Messenger integrated into a single messaging system on the platform.


There's more...

Remember: Go HighLevel isn’t just a CRM system. 

It also offers:

  • A calendar-booking functionality, similar to Calendly or Acuity
  • A funnel and website building software, like ClickFunnels or Wix
  • Email and SMS marketing like ActiveCampaign or MailChimp


Our verdict

Go HighLevel isn’t just a fantastic CRM system it’s also a great tool for the rest of your agency too. 

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Checked by a Go HighLevel Expert.